When you were a kid, you probably imitated everything your parents did. It is how young children learn many different things so quickly, but there are some things that we do as adults, maybe without thinking about it, that could be dangerous for a kid to do.
For example, imagine your kid watching you use power receptacles to plug in all different types of devices and machines. They might be trying to do the same, with disastrous consequences. While it is possible to buy plastic caps to place inside of the receptacles to block children from putting something in there, these can be pried loose or you might forget to replace it after using the receptacle. A safer option is to replace your receptacles with tamper-resistant ones. These are designed to require equal pressure on both sides of the receptacle for it to allow something to be inserted. That makes it much safer for a family with children.
While the upfront cost and labor might be a bit extra, it is going to give you a little bit more peace of mind.

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