Using a plunger in your toilet might seem like the simplest task of all, but in reality, a lot can go wrong even using such a simple tool. So what should you keep in mind?

While some might pour drain chemicals down the toilet before plunging, this can be very dangerous. There is a chance that chemicals could splash into your face when plunging, and they can damage your skin or even your eyes. Instead you should skip the chemicals and start with the plunger right away.

First make sure that the water level is just right. Too low and the plunger won’t be effective, and if it is too high you risk spilling contaminated water on the floor.

Fill the cup of the plunger with water first so that you get good pressure when you start plunging, and don’t push too hard. There is a risk of damaging your pipes if you apply too much pressure.

Slow and easy does it, and you will have your water flowing in no time.

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