What type of siding do you have on your house? Steel siding might not be your answer since it is not a type of siding that has been commonly used for residential buildings, but it has gotten more common in recent years with improvements in the selection and price. You can actually find a wide range of colors that will look good on your home. It is a very sturdy type of siding, and it will hold up well over time as long as you are aware of its weaknesses.

Depending on what type of rust prevention was used in the making of your siding, a different approach might be needed.

Galvanized steel can’t stand up to saltwater, so it is not something that you want to be installed if you live close to the water. Instead, you should be using stainless steel. However, if you have a pool, you might not want stainless steel since it can’t handle chlorine. With either of these types of rust prevention, being informed is half the battle, since you might be able to prevent issues before they arise.

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