Who doesn’t love a newly tiled bathroom? When looking at homes, it really draws you in to see a cleanly tiled bathroom. In fact, most real estate agents agree that bathrooms and kitchens are what sell homes. But tile can also have hidden issues – even when it looks really nice. So how can you tell if there are issues?

First, tap your foot about. We aren’t talking about slamming our feet obviously, but just give it a tap with your foot. A good tile job should feel solid with no noticeable “give’. Does it sound hollow though? How about movement? If either of those exist, make sure you show that to your home inspector.

The there are tiled showers. Pay close attention to these. A tiled shower can cose thousands of dollars to fix if there is an issue. Make sure to run the water, walk in the shower (you may want to check with the agent beforehand, and obviously be respectful). Are there any water stains on the ceiling below the shower? Any indications of moisture at all?

By taking the time to fully examine the tile in a home, you can help avoid some costly issues down the road.

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