Windows are great in a home. They give you a feeling of open space, they provide light, and you can open them up and air the home out. The last action, however, does come with some risks for those with young children at home. Falls out of windows can lead to serious injury and even death. While any responsible parent wouldn’t dream of leaving their children alone in a room with an open window, there are those brief moments where we are distracted for one reason or another, and a child could quickly get to a spot they aren’t supposed to.

Here are some things you can do to make your home a little safer.

First, don’t trust a bug screen to keep your child from falling. These have no strength and won’t stop anyone that puts their weight on it.

If your windows can open from the top instead of the bottom, you could open them without a child being able to reach them.

Blocking access to windows with heavy furniture can also work, just make sure the child couldn’t climb it.

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