If you have ever been caught out in a heavy lightning storm, you are familiar with the mix of awe and fright you can experience when dealing with this force of nature. While most of us feel safe in our homes when a storm rages, lightning could be a serious threat to you still.

The odds of getting hit by lightning are pretty low, and the chances of your home getting hit are lower still. Many tall buildings are protected by a lightning rod or a similar device which will channel the lightning harmlessly to the ground. There is, however, a risk that lightning will hit a tree or a nearby building which, in turn, could start a fire that could spread to your home. It could also cause a tree or telephone pole to come crashing down on your home. 

Your electronics could also take damage if lightning were to hit near the electrical grid. This is why it is wise to stay off electronics in a lightning storm, unplug sensitive and expensive electronics and have surge protectors.

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