Having your electronics fried by a lightning strike is one of the most frustrating experiences that you can have, especially since it is pretty likely that your parents told you to unplug electronics in a lightning storm, but you didn’t listen. A lightning strike that hits the electrical grid can send a surge powerful enough to fry every piece of electronic that you have in your home. Your best protection (apart from unplugging devices in a storm) is to invest in a good quality surge protector. These aren’t that expensive, but they can definitely save you thousands of dollars in the right conditions.

Surge protectors don’t last forever, however. Usually there will be a light indicating whether or not it is working properly. If this light goes out, you no longer have the protection. A surge protector can only handle a few surges before it stops working. It is also important that the surge protector is plugged in to a grounded outlet, or else it won’t function.

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