Which type of insulation is the best? There are many factors that play a role, and there are many different alternatives. You might have heard of rockwool as a type of insulation. Rockwool is a good type of insulation for many reasons. It is very dense, and on top of that, the fibers that make up the material are all aligned in the same direction. Because of this, it blocks sound and moving air very well. It is also flame retardant since the material is from actual rock.

Rockwool was discovered as a byproduct of volcanic activity. In Hawaii, strings of a material were found hanging from the trees after a volcano erupted, and scientists were able to reproduce the material and recognize its benefits when used as insulation. Because the material is made from natural resources, it doesn’t have any of the adverse side effects of many other types of insulation. When you are exposed to rockwool, you might just notice a rash where the fibers irritated your skin.

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